Close to heaven
Niki — Close to heaven
Outdoor video by Alex Baker
Released: April 02, 2012
8:03 minutes long, 237.1 MB

Beautiful and wild Amazon girl in the plain near the sea. Tall long-haired brunette goes back to primitive origin . Niki is the rampant girl with animal instincts. Preparing for the hunt, she does not bear all the cloth that can disturb her body, her big breasts while tracking her target. The sea breeze blows her body and arouse her. She leans against the land with her naked body, showing all of its flexibility. The most secret places of her body are connected with the earth and nature. She is like a wild lioness will be an aggressive hunter with a beautiful and strong

Performing model: Niki
Age: 20
Body: 82/60/82
Height: 165 cm (5.41 ft)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Breast size: Large
Hair color: Dark Blonde
Eye color: Brown
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